About Me

I am originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but have since lived in five other states. I choose to tell people, "I've lived in every U.S. time zone," because that's just the easiest explanation. I am the youngest of six children and the only boy; needless to say I was spoiled and am still referred to as "Baby Chuck" even by my extended family.

Ask anyone what my number one hobby is and the response will always be, "going to concerts." It's a problem really. An expensive outing, yet always worth it. Live music has played a major part in my life since my Dad took me and my sisters to our first concert when I was seven, which of course was the Jonas Brothers. Since then I've seen almost every one of my favorite artists live and that bucket list is shrinking by the year. 

My writing career started exclusively with music and academics. I wrote my first full-length song at the age of twelve, a heartbreaking Taylor Swift-Esque ballad titled "Broken." Since then I've dropped the dramatics and co-written two songs now on Spotify with my sister Monica White (look her up)!

Once I got to USC I was given opportunities to write about things I truly cared about. It was here that I learned there is more to writing than a ten-page research paper or a strictly enforced five-paragraph essay. In my classes, I got to write about Taylor Swift's treatment by the media, the history of racism in Tulsa and the massacre that resulted from it, and many other topics of my choosing. I have always loved writing creatively and I feel journalism is the perfect combination of academic and creative writing.

I then joined the Daily Trojan for a year as a staff opinion writer and a member of the arts and entertainment podcast team. Also, as a USC Annenberg student, I have endless opportunities at Annenberg Media where I work as a multimedia journalist. Along with written reporting, Annenberg Media has allowed me to develop my skills in radio/TV writing and editing with hands on experience.