Social Media Communications


Planned and created social media content for Sparkling Ice, Chicken of the Sea and Mrs. T's Pierogies. 

Researched trending moments across social media platforms to find content that would resonate with our target audience and find a way to apply those trends to our brands.

Sent weekly emails to all company employees on what was trending on social media. 

Curated lists, vetted and pitched influencers that were relevant to the brands and active campaigns.

Summer long research project on A.I. and how it will be applied to and change the IMC industry. Ended the summer with an hour-long presentation informing the staff of our findings.

Sparkling Ice

Spearheaded the summer campaign sweepstakes with Summer Mckeen as the lead influencer. 

Worked directly with client team to plan content and assess the efficacy of the campaign and accompanying posts. 

Chicken of the Sea

Planned content calendars for August and September 2023.

Mocked-up posts to aid design department in their execution.

Mrs. T's Pierogies

Sent monthly packages to micro-influencers full of merch and goodies to promote the brand.

Helped plan yearly "International Pierogy Day" campaign.